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©2018 by BLUE RIZON

Traveling as the heart of my artistic vision


was born while traveling through Australia with a happy heart, a peaceful soul and no real future plan. I'm inspired by the ocean and its blue horizon.


Watching the waves serves to help me meditate and appreciate life.

A small watercolour set is one of my essentials, even if it's only a few items. Painting is a time of relaxation and joy, as I take the time to follow my instincts to paint.

Each design has its own story, and each is representative of a part of my journey - in essence, my life.

I'm sharing my passion for watercolour painting by offering my handmade designs as prints on high-quality fabrics to produce unique clothing using modern printing technology.


BLUE RIZON produces clothing to order, with a view to only using as many resources as necessary to reduce our environmental footprint

As such, orders may take time to fulfil.

While travelling you experience situations that may change your point of view. You meet people living in paradise in between palm trees and plastic trash. They catch their fish in the sewage of the city.

But over all they have big smiles on their faces.

Not because they like the trash having such a big impact on their everyday life, but because they appreciate what they have.

Many of them would like to help reducing and recycle plastic, but they don't know how.

Because they haven't learnt how to do better.


Help making a difference and take responsibility.

By buying a Blue Rizon item we donate $1per purchase to Batu Bambu Kids Foundation.

This will help buildingLearning House for the kids in Kuta Lombok, Indonesia.

They will have a location where they can learn about environmental awareness so they know how to do better than our generation.

Also they will build Kuta Lombok's first Plastic Recycling Center

Take responsibility, escape the ordinary and share your smile with others.

Happiness doesn't come in the things we receive, but in the moments we give.

Learn more about the Batu Bambu Kids Foundation and their plans to make the world a better place!